Friday, November 21, 2008

Let this job dictate your next job

The Seattle M's hired Don Wakamatsu yesterday as their new manager.

Buck Showalter, the former Rangers manager who Wakamatsu worked with in Texas, said he admired Wakamatsu because he wasn't a "yes man."

"I always challenged Wak -- 'Don't ever be working on your next job. Work on this job, let this job dictate that people would want to put you at another level'. That's my pet peeve, guys who always seem to be working on the next job, looking for somebody to Eddie Haskell and suck up to.

I remember one of the first meetings I had that Wak was involved with, he disagreed with something I said. It was very impressive that he wasn't going to come in and tell people what they wanted to hear. He was going to give them his opinion."