Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Measuring the objectives that give you a chance to get better

Indiana may have lost to St. Joe's this week at the EA Sports Maui Invitational, but Hoosiers coach Tom Crean is less concerned with wins and more focused on consistent improvement.

After all, his team features eight true freshmen and just one senior.

Said Coach Crean:

"When you're not in a position to win like we weren't in the second half, you have to continue to be able to measure the objectives that you want to get to give you a chance to get better. It was very important that we picked up our activity defensively we went from 13 deflections to 36. It was very important we got to the glass. Our goal was 40 rebounds and we got 29, but it was a tie on the boards.

So from one day to the next, which is the situation that we're in right now, that's the only thing I can really measure. Our guys work, I know that they worked very hard. They work hard, they want to win, they want to compete, and I think our competitiveness for 40 minutes was much better."