Monday, November 10, 2008

Living in the "now"

Charlie Ward was an assistant on Jeff Van Gundy's staff in HOU from 2005-07.

When the Rockets fired JVG and the staff in 2007, Ward, a former Heisman Trophy winner who played for 11 seasons in the NBA, opted to stay in Houston, accepting a high school job where he could coach both football and basketball.

Considering that he hadn't played football since he led FSU to a 1993 Orange Bowl victory, Ward turned to Bobby Bowden, his former college coach, for advice.

Says Ward:

"It's not something I always wanted to do, but it's something God gave me the opportunity to do on the professional level, coaching basketball. And this is where God led me. Coaching here affords me the opportunity to read the Bible with the kids if I like, pray if I like. I only live in the now, what I can see now, so right now I see myself coaching high school for the time being. I don't know where God is going to have me going next. That could be 20 years from now."

[If you're interested, here's a good story about Ward.]