Monday, November 10, 2008

When you don't do your job, it should hurt

It's easy to tell that Antawn Jamison is in his 11th year as a pro. Besides the way he carries himself on and off the court, he's also willing to step up when his team needs a leader.

After the Wizards' loss on Saturday night, Jamison let his teammates know, in no uncertain terms, that he expected more from them:

"Guys are not upset. Guys are not hurting. This is your job. It's all about representing what's on your chest and doing it the right way. When you don't do your job and don't represent the right way, it should hurt.

I'm confident we can get it going, but I don't want to wait 10, 15 games into the season to get it going and you're putting too much pressure to win every game placed in front of you. The sense of urgency is here."