Monday, November 10, 2008

A gold watch and a freezing pond

Great story in the Boston Globe yesterday about Bills coach Dick Jauron.

Near the end of the article, one of Jauron's former high school teammates tells a story of how their high school coach took a group of players, including Jauron, to the local Lions Club meeting one night.

Their coach didn't mention, however, that one of the boys would have to get up in front of the group and give a speech, something that can be pretty nerve-racking, even for experienced public speakers.

According to the article:

Here was Dick, just a sophomore, and he gets up and tells a story of a gold watch he got for Christmas and dropping it in a freezing pond and how he had to decide right there what to do. [Jauron's teammates were] amazed at how the sophomore handled the challenge, told the story, and kept his audience captivated.

"Dick told the men that night that he went into the freezing water to get the watch, because if you want something, you have to work hard for it, and then you have to work even harder to keep it and not lose it."