Wednesday, November 26, 2008

An NBA player who practices after a game

It's common to read about young players hanging around the gym as they pursue their goal of playing college ball or reaching the NBA.

But what about a veteran who's played for eight seasons as a pro, 4 in the NBA .

According to the Orange County Register, Sasha Vujacic, whose pro career began in 2001 in Italy, will turn up at the Lakers practice facility at five in the morning, midnight, even after a game.

"At a recent Lakers’ practice, all of his teammates were long gone as Vujacic remained on the court shooting. His overtime workout session kept members of the D-League Los Angeles D-Fenders on the side, waiting to begin their practice."

Says Vujacic:

What I need are a lot of repetitions because I missed the training camp and I’ve got to get back on track. One thing I realized a couple years ago is that if I go there too much it’s not good because you need fresh legs. So, I go through my routine now and get out of there.”