Thursday, October 9, 2008

An ability to be progressive and traditional

Had a post here recently about Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon. Well, SI has another good story about him that provides additional insight into his style and personality. A couple of highlights:

On the close-mindedness of his peers: "I get so annoyed when you get around a lot of baseball people and basically all they can do is regurgitate previous thoughts. They don't think of anything original. Tell me a better way."

On the state of the Rays when he arrived in 2006: "There was no trust, no specific plan. It had all the symptoms of being a bad organization."

On his decision to take the manager job after 10 seasons as the Angels' bench coach: "When you're in one job for too long you become comfortable. And I don't like being comfortable."

A player's description of his managerial style: "He doesn't ram things down your throat. He's always communicating, always teaching, but he's very easygoing. He just keeps preaching that we should believe in ourselves."

Angels manager Mike Scioscia on Maddon: "Joe's brilliance is that he knows what needs to be tinkered with and which deep-rooted fundamentals to leave alone. He's unique because of his ability to be progressive and traditional."