Friday, October 10, 2008

Attention to all who enter here...

Got an email this morning from David Marshall, an assistant coach at Northern Kentucky.

Last night, he served as the personal liaison to Karl Rove when Rove was visiting the NKU campus for a lecture series. Mr. Rove emailed Coach Marshall later last night.

As Coach Marshall wrote in his email:

He told us a story of him visiting the Navy SEAL hospital in Norfolk, Va. Rove said like any hospital, especially during a time of war, you may see some things that could really affect you.

Well, this one particular wounded officer he met had a interesting story and disposition.

First of all, he was a 25-year-old Navy SEAL. He had been shot eight times in Afghanistan, has had 22 surgeries, and will need -- at minimum -- eight more, including reconstruction of the right side of his face.

He told Karl Rove of his dilemma and he explained all of the operations. He ended by saying “once that’s all over, I will be ready to go back in.” In other words, he is going to re-enlist.

Then Karl told me what the young man had on the door of his room at the hospital. It's the same sign he had in Afghanistan before he was shipped back to the States. [Click on image above.]

Talk about love for our country and honor. No matter what party you're involved with, it is a moving story. I just thought you would like to read the sign.

Many thanks to David for sharing this. In a time of economic turmoil and political bickering, we may tend to forget to say a prayer for our soldiers serving around the world.

[Click on the image above to enlarge.]