Wednesday, October 1, 2008

If you're a winner, you're gonna stay around

An article out of Boise, Idaho, where the Jazz have opened training camp, solicited comments from several players as to why Jerry Sloan, who is entering his 21st season with the team, has lasted so long with the franchise:

Success: "He's a winner. If you're a winner, you're gonna stay around, and coach Sloan is a winner," said Carlos Boozer. Added Deron Williams, "In this business, if you don't win, you're gonna be out of there no matter who you are. But the thing is, he's only had one losing season since he's been here."

Consistency: "He treats everybody the same and expects everybody to do their job," said Bryan Gates, coach of the Idaho Stampede. Added ESPN's Ric Bucher: "He holds everyone to the same standard, and players respect that."

Respect: "He commands the respect of his players. Coach Sloan is one of the only coaches in the NBA, and maybe in sports, where the buck stops (with him). There are a lot of places where the players have more control than the coach, but that's not the case here," said Kyle Korver. Added Gates, "There's no question who's in charge of the Utah Jazz."