Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I want guys to play hard, play with passion, play for their teammates

At 2-7, Rich Rodriguez and the U of Michigan football team is assured of a losing season. With the season winding down, Coach Rodriguez and his staff will be monitoring the players' effort level:

"I don't think we've got any quitters. I know I've called it into question a little bit, our mental and physical toughness. I think that's just my nature. I think it's what we're trying to build, one of the foundations we're building our program off.

We're watching [the players' effort] very, very closely -- not just the underclassmen but the seniors, as well, how they want to represent our program and our university the next three weeks. We'll be watching very, very closely. We talk about it every day as a staff.

I just want guys to play hard, play with passion, play for the University of Michigan, play for their teammates. If anybody's not willing to do that, they shouldn't have to come here, shouldn't come to practice or work."