Sunday, February 15, 2009

The drill the Lakers hate the most

Couple of interesting notes from Chris Erskine's column in the LA Times earlier this week:

-- In an hour, with the help of a rebounder, Kobe can take 500 practice shots -- a little more than eight shots a minute.

-- The Lakers offense, as are all offenses, is based on penetration -- on how they get the ball to the basket.

-- The triangle may be the most arcane offense in sports. Derek Fisher confesses that the Lakers ran it better in Jackson's early years. "We were better students then," he says.

-- The practice drill the Lakers hate the most is called 82's, a full-court layup drill where they have to make 82 total layups as a team in less than two minutes.

-- The key principle to the Lakers offense is spacing. Fifteen to 20 feet between players is considered ideal.