Monday, February 23, 2009

Things change when you become the focal point of the defense

After starting two games last year as a rookie, Pistons PG Rodney Stuckey has logged 38 starts this season for DET, his minutes steadily increasing.

But in nine games this month, Stuckey has failed to reach double-digits in scoring six times and he's had three one-assists games during that span.

According to DET coach Michael Curry, that's a reflection of the additional attention he's garnering from opposing teams.

"I've always said in this league there's a difference in getting 20 points when you're not the focal point of the defense and you're pretty much playing off everyone else. Now, his 20 points will always be a hard-earned 20 because he is going to be the focal point of the other teams' defense, at least one of the focal points. A lot of times they are putting their best perimeter defender on him. And so because of that he has to continue to improve and continue to fight through the different challenges he has every night."