Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A penchant for pressure

As manager of Chelsea FC from 2004-2007, Jose Mourinho won 131 times in 185 games (including just 18 losses). His teams never lost a home match while he was manager.

Now in his first season as coach of Inter, one of Italy's top soccer clubs, Mourinho has guided his team to 25 wins in 35 games (with just six losses).

According to the 46-year-old Mourinho, he's never had much patience for rebuilding.

"Some managers use arriving at a new club as an excuse. They say they need time, and if you do that, you are protected. If you don't win the title in the first or second season, you can keep telling everyone you need time.

Sometimes you stay for four or five years, keep not winning, and then keep demanding more time. I could never be like this. I live for the risk. I believe you can do it in the first season and if you do not, you fail. I prefer it like this. I prefer the pressure because that's how I live."