Sunday, February 15, 2009

Playing it all the way through

Saw where Georgia ended an 11-game losing skid with a win over Florida yesterday.

According to this note from the Atlanta paper, UGA football coach "Mark Richt deserves at least some credit for inspiring the Bulldogs. At the behest of interim coach Pete Herrmann Richt came and spoke to the team before their Friday afternoon practice."

“I called Mark and asked him if he’d come over,” Herrmann said. “He’s as respected a person as we have on this campus and I wanted him to, you know, say a few words about what he loves. He loves Georgia. He loves the coaches here at Georgia, he loves the athletes, and he talked about that. And he talked about playing it all the way through.”

During his talk with the team, Coach Richt wrote "GATA" on the board. Translation: "Get after their [butts]."

Said one Georgia player, "He said we have to play for us and that’s what we did."