Friday, February 20, 2009

Everything we do will be designed around cooperation and cohesiveness

Coaches often use the first team meeting of the season to set the tone and communicate key themes.

NY Mets manager Jerry Manuel (pictured here), who said he thought "all winter along" about "what he would tell the team before the spring's first full-squad workout," focused on the need for "selfless play" in his talk with the players.

According to one Mets player, "It was definitely the best pre-spring-training meeting I’ve ever been part of. Just the confidence, the way he’s trying to get his message across — very believable, very straight to the point, very straightforward. We have one rule here: that’s to win a championship."

Coach Manuel's theme is clear:

"Everything that we do will be designed to bring that cohesiveness, cooperation, altruism, unselfishness. That’s what we do."