Friday, February 20, 2009

Seeking feedback from players

At the White Sox spring training facility in Arizona, manager Ozzie Guillen had a private meeting with a group of veteran players.

During the meeting, Coach Guillen says he asked what he "needed to change to make the ballclub better, my expectation for them with the ballclub, different ideas."

"I want them to take charge with the ballclub. Last year I was a little [too] involved with [players' problems]. But I have to be open. I wanted to know if [something] bothered them or not. If nothing bothers [those veterans], then I'm not going to [get involved]. You have to be aware of what the players think and what are the expectations for them.

They want me to be me. It was no big deal. Before spring training starts, I always talk to the players about what I have to do to get better, what I have to do to make sure the team is better.

After the meeting, Coach Guillen made it clear who is accountable in the end, saying:

"I'm the leader of this ballclub. I'm the face of this thing.''