Friday, February 27, 2009

Setting the bar high

Forty wins.

That's the goal coach Mike D'Antoni has set for his Knicks team, which is 24-33 heading into tonight's home game against the Sixers.

According to an article in Newsday this morning, "During the All-Star break, D'Antoni sat down and decided that 40 wins - what it would take to earn a trip to the playoffs - should be a realistic goal. So he started preaching about the power of 40."

In truth, D'Antoni said there really isn't anything magical or mathematical about his goal of 40; he just wanted to set the bar high.

Said D'Antoni: "If we win 36 and make the playoffs, I'll be happy. I just thought that 40 is pretty good. There's no reason why we can't win close to 40. It's tough. We got some hard teams, but we just have to try to play better and win some when we can."

Setting a goal that's ambitious, but achievable, seems to have galvanized Knicks players.

David Lee: "I think it's a legitimate goal for us. We've been 3-2 since the break. More than anything, it will keep us concentrated as we move forward."

Chris Duhon (pictured above with Coach D'Antoni): "It's realistic to think that it's possible. We have the chemistry here that will be able to do that."