Sunday, February 22, 2009

Thanks to my friends in Brazil

Returned to the States last Thursday after spending a week in Brazil. Many thanks to my hosts at ScoreBrasil who put on an incredible clinic in cooperation with the Sao Paulo Basketball Federation. I had a terrific time and really enjoyed Brazil, a truly beautiful country with wonderful people.

Other coaches who worked the clinic included Leonardo Lamas, an assistant coach with Adidas Nations Latin America team; Andre Germano, head coach of the U-18 Brazilian National Junior, and assistant coach of Circulo Militar; Joao Camargo, head coach of Limeira Clube and coach of the Sao Paulo State Select Team; and Rodrigo Guedes do Prado, head coach of St. Paul's Basketball.

The clinic took place in Sao Paulo at the Continental Parque Clube (Leandro Barbosa's former club team).

About 150 coaches from all over Brazil attended, including João Marcelo Leite, pro coach of Paulistano/Amil and Anderson Varejao's former coach; Fausto Giannechini, a former player for the Senior Brazilian National Team who is now a coach; Tácito Pinto Filho, president of the Association of Professionals of Basketball and coach of São Paulo FC; Thelma Tavernari (clube EC Pinheiros), coach for the Sao Paulo State Select team and one of the top development coaches in Brazil; and Nivaldo Menghelli (clube São Carlos).

Others in attendance included Loester Serigato, vice-president, Sao Paulo Federation of Basketball; Luis Carlos Pereira Mousinho, president of Continental Parque Clube; Felipe Jendiroba, owner of Intercultural; and Pablo Oliver from GVD International Trading S/A, which represents Spalding in Brazil.