Saturday, October 11, 2008

If your shot's not falling, hustle for loose balls, play defense, and rebound

Loved what Chris Bosh had to say about how he adapted to playing on a star-filled team that won the Gold in Beijing this summer. According to this story:

Bosh earned his medal in an unlikely way for an NBA franchise player — by adopting a hustling, scratching, role-player persona on a team loaded with go-to scorers. He hopes to bring those lessons back to Toronto.

"It will help me if my shot's not falling or I'm in some kind of funk offensively, I know I can find different spots to be effective," said Bosh, who led Team USA in rebounding (6.1) while shooting a team-best 77.4 per cent from the floor. "And that's getting loose balls, playing defense and getting rebounds."