Saturday, October 11, 2008

The secret to getting better: Listening

Came across an interesting note in SI about WNBA player Sophia Young, one of the league's top players.

According to the article:

[Young] had never played the game before coming to a Shreveport, La., high school from St. Vincent in the West Indies as a sophomore exchange student. Determined to earn a college scholarship, she begged Bo Roberts, a renowned AAU coach, to help develop her skills.

Since joining San Antonio as a rookie in '06, she has continued to gravitate to people who can help her elevate her game. Young credits San Antonio assistant Olaf Lange with helping her develop both post moves and perimeter skills.

"Her secret is she knows how to listen," says Hughes. "She doesn't just learn through repetition, she visualizes what it is that makes her better. She is rare in that regard."