Tuesday, November 4, 2008

How failure leads to success

By now, you've likely seen replays of Michael Crabtree's catch that helped Texas Tech upset top-ranked Texas this past weekend.

What's interesting is that, last season, Crabtree -- one of the nation's best receivers -- failed on a similar play. As an article in today's Dallas paper puts it:

"Just as sure-handed as Michael Crabtree made the game-winning touchdown play last week over then-No. 1 Texas, last season, he did the exact opposite. When do-or-lose time came at Oklahoma State, he dropped the pass from Graham Harrell in the end zone with 19 seconds remaining."

Crabtree said he used that failure to help him get better.

"I watched that play in the summer because it was something I wanted to work on. Graham [Harrell] and I practiced that a lot. It was never about motivation, just me not wanting to make that same mistake again."

According to the article:

[Quarterback] Harrell said Monday that he remembered sitting in the locker room after the game, upset. Crabtree sat next to him, head bowed, just as upset.

"It was a big learning experience with us, and I think it really helped us get where we are," Harrell said. "We said if we're ever in that situation again, we don't want to be the ones that lose. We want to make the play. I think we really grew up that game."