Monday, February 2, 2009

Anybody can get big numbers when things are bad

Couple good quotes from Scott Skiles and Doc Rivers regarding All-Star game voting.

According to Coach Skiles:

"I think it's great when guys are part of winning environments, but I also know guys can't control that. Sometimes a guy is on a team and you just know as a coach that he's an all-star type player and he's just in a rough circumstance, so I don't think that guy should just be dismissed. But then there are other guys that are having great statistical years but you know they're a reason their team doesn't win. So they shouldn't get in."

Says Coach Rivers:

"I try to vote for (players on) teams that are winning. But Granger is playing terrific. He has made big shots all year and has just played terrific. So I voted for him. And that is unusual because it breaks my (rule). But he's deserving of it. Anybody can get big numbers when things are bad. But not everybody can make big shots at the end of the game. And he's made big shots. I think he's deserving."