Sunday, February 1, 2009

Communicating authentically

What do you say to your team before the biggest game of the season?

What would you tell your guys before they headed out of the locker room?

For PIT coach Mike Tomlin, whatever he says, it won't be rehearsed.

"I make a conscious effort to wing it. I think that's real. I think our guys relate to that," he said. "It's that way that I deal with them, for the most part. This week has been tougher than most in terms of trying to keep those thoughts out of my mind because there's a lot to say. But at the same time, I'm intent on doing that (winging it). I'm going to just walk in and communicate with them like I always do. I never prepare for the night-before-the-game speech."

What Coach Tomlin is describing is his value for "authentic communication," which has been defined as "speaking from your heart from the highest regions of the mind and from the depths of the soul."

As this author writes:

"Communicating authentically is not an easy task. At times, authentic communication feels like risk and takes courage. It reflects your experience, not an absolute reality."