Saturday, February 7, 2009

Refocusing attention on the team

With a few minutes remaining in an early-season home loss, BOS fans started chanting for Celtics PF Brian Scalabrine.

That bothered the former USC standout.

"It detracts from the focus. We are the Boston Celtics, and for the crowd to cheer for an individual takes away from our team and what we are trying to do. Let's just say it's not ubuntu [the South African word meaning unity]. The way I see it, it takes away from what the Boston Celtics are trying to do, the focus that we have as a team, and how as a team we don't believe in any individualism.

We believe in being as a team. I'm not thinking about it from an individual perspective. When there is so much focus on the individual, it makes you want to refocus on the team," Scalabrine said. "You can chant all you want, but I'm still going to pass to the right guy and I'm still going to play basketball the same way. It's not going to change the way I play. It's going to make me more focused on the team."

BOS coach Doc Rivers describes Scalabrine as "an irritant."

"He gets into people's skin. He plays so hard. He just plays team basketball. Nothing is going to stand out with his numbers, with his play, except to coaches. You love him because he does everything to win the game."

Echoing Scallie's sentiments, Paul Pierce says he's found the formula for winning titles:

"I'm within the team concept; that's the formula that we need to win. We don't need one guy to go out and score 46 points; we rely on our teamwork, our extra passes, our defense."